The tower

The Tower (Dome)

It was only 80 years after the construction of the French and the German church on Friedrichstädtischer Markt, now known as the Gendarmenmarkt, that the two towers were erected which would have an unmistakable impact on the square next to the Konzerthaus. [more]

The Französischer Dom

In order to build the Französischer Dom, the parishioners had to sacrifice their cemetery. In return, they gained a site in Chausseestrasse, to the north of Friedrichstrasse, where the old Huguenot Cemetery still lies today. [more]

Figures and reliefs in the towers

In the two towers, we see things that we might find lacking in the church itself: Biblical images, scenes and decoration. [more]

The Deutscher Dom

Following its destruction during the Second World War, the Deutsche Kirche on the opposite side of the square was abandoned by the resident parishioners. The Deutsche Kirche was built from 1701 to 1708 as the filial church of the Jerusalemkirche (in what is now Lindenstrasse, Kreuzberg). [more]