Die Französische Friedrichstadtkirche in Berlin

Church services

Distinct Words and Distinct Sounds – Our Church Services

In our church services, we devote special attention to the sermon. Its words clarify the Biblical contexts and proceed from there to shed light on the contemporary social and political situation and to brighten the lives of despairing souls. We attach great importance to reciting both parts of the Bible in their biblical context. Our readings and prayers follow a pericope model, allowing us to pay greater attention to the first part of the Bible than is generally the case in conventionally structured church services.
Furthermore, our services focus on the literary and musical treasures in our hymn book, accompanying them in manner that is both erudite and imaginative.
The services at the Französiche Friedrichstadtkirche are intended not only for our registered parishioners but also for all of our city’s inhabitants and visitors.

Every Sunday:
9.30 a.m. Service of the Ev. Kirchengemeinde in der Friedrichstadt
11.00 a.m. Service of the Französischen Kirche zu Berlin (Huguenots) based on the Reformed order.
11.00 a.m. The Culte de la Communauté Protestante en français dans la Salle Georges Casalis en sous-sol


Minister Stephan Frielinghaus, Tel.: 030 2043548, gemeindebuero@evkg-friedrichstadt.de

Born 1959. Studied Reformed Theology in Hamburg and Göttingen. Since 2001, minister at the Evangelische Kirchengemeinde in Friedrichstadt, Berlin.

Minister Dr. Jürgen Kaiser, Tel.: 03328 349041, Kaiser@franzoesische-kirche.de

Born 1963. Studied Reformed Theology in Erlangen, Heidelberg and Bern. Gained his doctorate in Heidelberg under Gottfried Seebaß with a thesis on interpretations of the Sabbath during the Reformation. From 1996 to 2003, minister in Germersheim on the Rhine (Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz) and, since 2003, minister at the Französische Kirche zu Berlin (Hugenottenkirche).

Pfarrer Stephan Frielinghaus und Pfarrer Stephan Frielinghaus

Minister Dr. Jürgen Kaiser

Minister Dr. Matthias Loerbroks, Tel.: 030 20453633, mloerbroks@evkg-friedrichstadt.de

Born 1956. Studied theology in Tübingen and Berlin. In 1966, he gained his doctorate under Friedrich Wilhelm Marquardt. Since 2001, minister of the Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde in Friedrichstadt, Berlin

Minister Meike Waechter, Tel.: 030 8928146, Waechter@franzoesische-kirche.de
Born in 1972. Studied Reformed Theology in Tübingen, Amsterdam and Berlin. Two years as a minister for students at the Theologische Konvikt in Berlin Since 2007, minister at the Französischen Kirche zu Berlin (Hugenottenkirche).

Pfarrer Dr. Matthias Loerbroks und Pfarrerin Meike Waechter

Minister Dr. Matthias Loerbroks and Minister Meike Waechter