Church and dome

The edifice commonly known as the “Französischer Dom” is, in fact, two separate buildings: the older Französische Friedrichstadtkirche and the more recent dome known as the Französischer Dom. Church services and concerts, as well as conferences run by the Evangelische Akademie and other events organisers, are held in the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche. The “Französischer Dom” is home to the Huguenot Museum, and also has a viewing platform.

The Französische Kirche zu Berlin (Hugenottengemeinde), which now boasts a German-speaking congregation of about 1,000 members, shares the building with the Communauté protestante francophone, which celebrates French-language services every Sunday in the church basement rooms (in the Georges-Casalis Hall).

Since summer 2000, the church’s principal users have also included the Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin, and the EKD, which uses the church mainly for services and receptions held by the representative of the Council of the EKD to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In order to optimise the use of church space for the events staged by the Akademie and various other tenants, the church benches were replaced by flexible seating in the year 2000. Responsibility for renting out the rooms lies with the church’s conference management. The rooms in the southern section of the basement floor have been on lease to the restaurant “Hugo & Notte”.