In political Berlin, many people associate the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche with the Protestant Church in Germany. Located right opposite is the main office of the Plenipotentiary of the Council of the Protestant Church of Germany in the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union. The office functions as a link between the Protestant Church and German and European political organs and institutions. The Plenipotentiary and his staff play the part of socially committed advocates for all those whose voices are so easily overheard when it comes to social and family issues, and questions relating to asylum policy. They also represent the fundamental institutional interests of the Protestant Church. And they want to make the church visible in and for political activities and debates: as partners and pastors of those involved in the business of politics: during prayers, in evening discussion circles and at church services held on special occasions, such as the constitution of the Bundestag. These activities frequently take place at the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche, which is centrally located, at walking distance to a number of federal ministries, and located in the heart of the German capital. Hence, it is also a place of prayer, exchanges and encounters for people working in the area of politics. It is a place that stands for the Protestant Church in all its diversity – a place that is familiar to its visitors.